IGGy workshop 2014

photo 1

When: Saturday February 8th 2014

Where: Museum Building, Trinity College, Dublin

Schedule of presentations

Presenter Affiliation Presentation Notes email Time allotted Schedule
Dr. Mary Bourke TCD OPENING and welcome bourkem4@tcd.ie 15 10.00
Alexandra Oppelt TCD
  • Submarine Canyon morphology: views from below (Video)
Student (Ph.D) oppelta@tcd.ie 15 10.15
Benjamin Thébaudeau TCD
  • Offshore exploration for geomorphological evidence of relict shorelines, northern coast of Ireland
Student (Ph.D) thebaudb@tcd.ie 20 10.30
Dr. Ro Charlton NUI Maynooth Ro.Charlton@nuim.ie  20 10.50
Professor Heather Viles Universiy of Oxford
  • Geomorphology and Conservation
Keynote heather.viles@ouce.ox.ac.uk 40 11.10
Dr. Eugene Farrell NUI Galway
  • Land to sea: benchmarking for our future
One hour group discussion of initiative/funding Eugene.Farrell@nuigalway.ie 60 11.50
LUNCH 40 12.50
Thomas Guidat TCD
  • Early Hesperian Warm-Based Glaciation in Isidis Planitia, Mars
Student (Ph.D) guidatt@tcd.ie 15 13.30
Zoe McGaley-Towel TCD
  • Sand furrows on Mars
Student (undergraduate) mcgaleyz@tcd.ie 15 13.45
Diarmuid Dwyer TCD
  • Bending to the wind: response of aeolian dunes to wind  regime on Earth and Mars
Student (undergraduate) dwyerdj@tcd.ie 15 14.00
Anna Lisa Cescon University of Ulster Student (Ph.D) Cescon-AL@email.ulster.ac.uk 15 14.15
Dr. Max Kozachenko University College Cork
  • GEOCOAST: Development of Online Educational Resource About Ireland’s Coastal and Marine Geology and Geomorphology
M.Kozachenko@ucc.ie 20 14.30
Dr. Eugene Farrell NUI Galway
  • I like beaches: A Public outreach and educational initiative
Eugene.Farrell@nuigalway.ie 20 14.50
Dr. Robin Edwards TCD
  • Marshes, micropal and morphology: bridging the methodological divide
Invited Robin.Edwards@tcd.ie 30 15.30
Professor Rob Devoy University College Cork r.devoy@ucc.ie 20 16.00
Michael Gibbons
  • Bualadh Isteach – The Impact of Recent Storms on the Archaeology of the Connaught Coast
walkwest@eircom.net 20 16.20
Dr Pete Coxon TCD
  • Coastal storm 2014 observations from Dog’s bay
pcoxon@tcd.ie 10 16.40
Dr Mary Bourke TCD CLOSE of Meeting bourkem4@tcd.ie 16.50

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