Data Sets

Data sets available for Ireland (and elsewhere)

Below is a list of data sources provided by Ian Hand and collected from other random sources. Please email me any suggestions for addition to this list bourkem4 (at)


Hydrology data

Office of Public work (OPW) (Free)


Open Topography

A fantastic website relating to open-source high resolution topographical data, in particular LiDAR data. A lot of the datasets available however, are mostly for North America.

Elevation model for Ireland (Free)

The EEA site is always good to keep an eye on for free data:

A new pan European DEM (including Ireland) has just been released- at 25m xy resolution its ideal for students and landscape researchers:

GIS 4 Geomorphology

Perhaps one of the best websites I have come across regarding links to geomorphological data. There are several useful links provided at

Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) (Free)

GSI is an invaluable source of data relating to Irish Geology. Most of their data is in vector shapefile format (some raster also) relating to several different subject matters within geology, i.e. bedrock, boreholes, mining, vulnerability, groundwater, Landslides etc.

Environmental Protection Agency Ireland (EPA) (Free)

The EPA’s GIS portal contains an excellent array of Irish environmental GIS data ranging from river shapefiles to soils, etc. In particular, the CORINE datasets contain Irish and European datasets relating to specific land cover and landuse.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)  (Free)

The NPWS provide invaluable datasets relating to specific habitats and ecosystems in Ireland.

LiDAR Data

These organisations/institutes are known to have LiDAR data for areas in Ireland and also have the capabilities to produce LiDAR data for an area.  

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSI)

Postgrads should ask for possibility of free data

National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG)

Satellite Data

Landsat (Free)


2. Earth Explorer

ESA data (Free)

(need to register)

SPOT images to be free [re posted from

CNES and the french Govn have announce that SPOT imagery older than 5 years will be made freely available to resacrhers. This is commitment is part of EU commitment to GEOSS.
This article in Space News has the details. Its good news but it wont be simple to access if history is any guide.


Central Statistics Office (CSO) (Free)

The CSO provides very useful data relating to Irish population demographics in the form of vector shapefiles and attribute data relating to census information. There are also several good links to international data on the CSO website.


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