As a Group, we should be actively campaigning to highlight the fact that (1) geomorphology expertise exists in Ireland and (2) scientific research has been conducted in many locations and environments around the country.

The Irish Geomorphology Group is a nascent organization established in Spring 2013. Our first goal is to develop a sense of community among those of us who identify as ‘geomorphologists’ in Ireland. We are currently developing a register of Irish-based geomorphologists. We had our first meeting at the Conference of Irish Geographers, NUIG, May 17th 2013. We took this opportunity to form an inaugural committee tasked with leading and promoting the Irish Geomorphology Group during the first year.

The Committee membership for 2013-2014 is as follows:
President: Mary Bourke (TCD)
Secretary (publications, conferences): Susan Hegarty (St. Pat’s)
WebGuru: Eugene Farrell (NUIG)
ListServe, membership: Ro Charlton (NUIM)
Research funding: Kevin Lynch (NUIG)
Postgraduate Representative: Sarah Kandrot (UCC)

This website is being developed in Summer 2013 so please be patient. Your feedback is vital for this site to be useful and informative so please do not hesitate to contact Eugene Farrell or Mary Bourke with your ideas and constructive criticisms for the site – be it for content or functionality. We have identified 3 initial objectives for this website:

  • Information on people, publications and places in the Irish landscape
  • A list of facilities and equipment available at each institution for potential sharing
  • Information on funding opportunities



Join our mailing list today to be the first to hear about current events, meetings, workshops, funding opportunities, members, new projects, new collaborations, and lots more.

Send the following one-line message in an email:  SUBSCRIBE IGGY Firstname Lastname  to this address: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE

Our first goal is to identify and connect all the stakeholders with vested interests in any or all aspects of the GEOMORPHOLOGY OF IRELAND. This includes, but is not limited to, researchers, teachers, students, planners, politicians, and managers. Sign up to our register today by sending your name, contact details, affiliations and research interests to eugene.farrell@nuigalway.ie.


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